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Icons by Sadako

...Dreaming of Icons...

★貞子's Icons★
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This is the icon journal of one sadako_chan. She LOVES to make Lord of the Rings icons and that is mostly what she makes. She also makes Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean icons. She needs to broaden her horizons a bit though, so if you want a specific movie or actor iconed by her, feel free to make a suggestion! She likes them. She has posting access to: goodhplotricons, takenote_icons, pimpicons and many others that cannot be remembered off of the top of her head.

made by _airbear who is the greatest person in the WORLD
(Please DO request anything in my personal journal)

Moved here for space purposes.


If you would like to be an affiliate, please leave a comment and i would be more than happy to add you.

ALSO, I will remove you from this list if you 1) delete your journal or 2) don't link me back.

Most of the brushes, caps and arts that i use can be found here. I will be making my own resource post which will have up soon!

Thanks to evilsushi for the banners and the layout of this info!! You rock my socks to the moon and Master would be nowhere with her Slave. -love and smooches to Slave-

Thanks to _airbear_ who made my rules sign. Its gorgeous and i can't thank you enough!

Spanks to each and everyone of you who visit this journal, comment, credit and just USE my icons! You people bring me great joy and you are what make me keep on working despite anything that happens!

Thanks to icon makers EVERYWHERE!! You all inspire me more than anything and put a smile on my face when i see your beautiful work!

Thanks for looking around!